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Mare Saare “The past moments, and the future ones, mean nothing”

From January 13 to April 14, 2024 IRMA Collaborative’s LOGS MÃKSLAI (Window for Art) Gallery is pleased to present the installation “The past moments, and the future ones, mean nothing” created by Estonian artist Mare Saare.

Address: Pērnavas 60-13, Riga LV1009, Latvia


In her art, Mare Saare, currently professor emerita of the Estonian Academy of Art, often connects general human themes with personal experience, seeking artistic solutions to the dilemma of the world’s finiteness or infiniteness through the medium of glass. In the current installation, she has used natural plants to achieve the graphic details, and fused glass powders for the watercolor effect. During the kiln process the plants have burnt away, in a way underlining the act of sacrifice.

“All my life I’ve tried to make my peace with the fact of one’s own ephemerality, thanks to the certainty of the infiniteness of the world, of the eternal circuit in the natural world, however changed, staying forever. Only to awaken to the possibility that the world, most probably, isn’t without end after all … There is only the present, fleeting moment. Carpe diem.”

“No other or better world will come

for us. Nor can a single deed

be altered.

Wind and sky are not the same

as yesterday.

No, not a single foothold beyond

our fragile borders.

Only light.”

Doris Kareva “Days of Grace”

Translation from Estonian Miriam McIfatrick-Ksenofontov

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