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Ieva Paltanaviciute "My Blue Planet"

From April 16 to October 20, 2024.  IRMA Collaborative’s LOGS MÃKSLAI (Window for Art) Gallery is pleased to present the installation My Blue Planet created by Lithuanian artist Ieva Paltanaviciute.

Ieva Paltanaviciute’s installation My Blue Planet represents a self-portrait speaking through the symbolism of the colors black, red, blue, white. Intimate experiences are explored for their depth of meaning, that which does not give a peaceful mindset, ever-present fears, uncertainty, and the darkness of thoughts. In a broader social context, her work also covers aspects of emigration, asylum seeking, violence, and climate change. By revealing that which is often obscured or hidden Paltanaviciute expresses the resilience of the human condition, an attempt to heal and inspire hope.

Ieva Paltanaviciute works at J.Vienozinskis Art School in Vilnius, Lithuania. She also lectures in the Site-specific Art department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Paltanaviciute states that to work with young people asks an instructor to constantly rethink one‘s values. She encourages her students to be themselves and yet at the same time citizens of their country, the planet and to ultimately go further than their teachers.


Address: Pernavas 60-13

Riga LV1009


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